Please be aware:

  • Classifieds cannot include logos, pictures, or other graphic elements.
  • Remember to include your phone number!
  • Avoid abbreviations (don’t confuse potential customers — besides, you are only being charged by the word, not the line).
  • We will not print a classified ad where the entire ad is in ALL CAPS.
  • We reserve the right to reject any ad that is in bad taste, offensive, or is otherwise nonsense. (We will, of course, refund your money).


Need to pay for your ad?:

Classifieds, inexpensive and easy.

Classified ads appear on pages 2 and 3 of our paper. They are set in an easy-to-read font at a reasonable size. We do not have specific categories, but we do group similar ads together (ie: items for sale, house cleaning services, lawn services, handymen and construction-related services, etc.)

The first several words of the ad will be in all caps and bolded, to draw attention to your item.

Our rates are some of the least expensive in the area. We do not charge by the letter or by the line, rather, we charge by the word. Classifieds cost $8 for the first 12 words, and $.20 for each additional word. To help your ad stand out even more, we will place a box around your ad for an additional $3.

All classified ads MUST be pre-paid, by the 15th of the month prior to publication. We do not provide tear sheets for classifieds that cost less than $20, however we are happy to fax you a copy of the page on which your ad appears, or send you a PDF of the page of the paper that your ad appeared on.

If you are placing a new ad or making changes to an existing ad, please fill in the form below:

All classified ads MUST be pre-paid.